Makeup Melter

I have always struggled with getting all of my makeup off. Whether I wear a lot or a little, it is always tough! I’ve used countless brands of makeup wipes and micellar water, but it doesn’t make my skin feel cleansed and soft. There are tons of beauty gurus on YouTube that talk about this product, and even with the hefty price tag, I gave it a shot. 

The brand: Clinique

The product name: Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

The price: $29/ 3.8 oz jar

This product has an interesting consistency. It is very soft, and melts in your fingers like coconut oil. It doesn’t leave a film on the face or clog pores like raw coconut oil does. I normally take a quarter size amount, warm it in my hands, and rub. EVERYWHERE. This stuff works great on mascara and eye makeup. Then, once I look like a clown with smeared makeup, I used either a damp cloth or a makeup wipe and remove the product. My skin is left sooo baby smooth and makeup free. It’s gentle enough for any skin type. This stuff is expensive, but in my opinion, it is the only product that completely removes all makeup, even glitter!

Purchase at Ulta


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