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Talk it out Thursday 

Hey everyone! For this week’s talk it out Thursday, I am choosing to discuss a skin care product that will rock your world. 

The brand: Dermalogica 

The product name: Daily Superfoliant

The price breakdown: $58/ 2oz or $18/ 0.45 oz

The Daily Superfoliant is designed to smooth your skin by cleaning pores and prevent premature aging. All of that is music to my ears! But, does it really work? For this hefty price tag I felt that I needed to be rather harsh when it came to my review. Ultimately, this stuff is amazing. It makes my skin feel baby smooth right after using it. It is a powder that turns into cleanser when used with water. This allows the user to have more control of the amount of product being used and to not saturate it too much with water. I like to use this after cleansing my skin with my normal product. It definitely makes the skin a little tight, so I don’t wait long to apply my moisturizer after. I use this every day/every other day and I notice a significant difference in the smoothness of my skin. For people with sensitive skin, I would decrease the usage to twice a week. This stuff really works! 


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