Indie Bath Brand: Hit or Miss?

So recently I decided to stay away from Bath and Body Works. I know…don’t kill me. I’m a blog dedicated to all that is pampering, but I believe that the most popular isn’t always the best. I find myself looking at Instagram for posts about body care on a regular basis, and that is how I found the brand Witch Baby Soap. The name…too cute!!! The website is easy to navigate and scroll through, which I know does not mean anything when I am in my bath tub at the end of the day, but it helps for remaining stress-free, right? So, I ordered several things to test out from this fun and quirky homemade bath brand. I purchased 3 products in the blood and milk line, including a bath bomb, body scrub, and body butter. I also purchased the death tarot and fairy cake bath bombs, as well as the cafeomancy body scrub.

Okay, first of all, the pricing is definitely on point. It is comparable to lush, with bath bombs ranging from $5-$10. My products shipped and arrived at my doorstep within 4 days! When I opened my package, I was greeted with charming little glass jars of scrubs and butters, and plastic wrapped bath bombs. The brand states clearly on the website that if any product melts in transit, then they are not responsible and will not provide any refunds, however all of my products came in great condition even in the 80 degree weather.

That night, I decided to test out the scrub and butter. The blood and milk salt scrub is incredibly oily, but in a good way. It was an intensive scrub that really did the trick, but left my skin very soft and not overly greasy. The blood and milk body butter, which I purchased in the full thick whip but is also available in air whip, was very moisturizing. You only need a small amount in order to fully saturate the skin. It is more of a coconut oil consistency, but does not leave your skin with a gross film feeling. The smell is also very light. The next day I used the coffee scrub. This has an entirely different effect than the salt scrub did. Less intense, but smelled soooo good. Like Starbucks! I preferred the texture of this one for my skin. After only one use, though, it started to dry out. I was a little disappointed in this, however, I will add some of my own almond oil to it to test the effectiveness.* The fairy cake bath bomb made the water a vibrant purple/pink and left my skin soft. It did not have much of a smell, though, which left me a little confused.

Overall, I think that this brand has some wonderful and fun products to test out. They also have plenty of cute soaps that would look really cute on a sink! I recommend this brand for anyone who wants to try something a little different than mainstream body care and has good overall quality.

Witch Baby Soap Website


*will update in a new post later on


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